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As a Comprehensive Practice Management Organization, Affiliated Medical Group (AMG) is positioned to offer your group a comprehensive array of services that will strengthen your standing in today’s challenging medical environment. We focus our energies and resources on managing business functions so that you and your other staff can focus on the delivery of medical services.

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AMG has partnered with the healthcare industry’s software and management leaders to be able to offer services to your organization. We employ the industry’s top ranked Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management software and employ it in a manner that will enhance your services and profit while reducing overall costs for your organization. Staff and patients will find the software easy to navigate and relevant information will be readily available to everyone. As a provider you will have information available to make important organizational decisions as well as relevant information regarding individual patients.


Additionally, we partner with a leading credentialing organization to ensure staff participation in all available payor networks and to facilitate ongoing management of what is often a complicated and highly specialized process. Provider networks have become more difficult to join and more difficult to maintain affiliation with but through our organizational partnership we can offer an enhanced opportunity to participate in as many networks as possible.


Today’s healthcare environment is also burdened by an incredible amount of regulatory and legal provisions that must be navigated. AMG partners with healthcare’s leading compliance consulting company to ensure your practice is completely covered with regards to all State and Federal regulations regarding HIPAA, Compliance, OSHA, and Human Resources regulations. Legal burdens are a very real part of the healthcare environment and preventative measures are a critical part of ensuring the continued health of your medical practice. Our partner will ensure that you and your staff have a full understanding of issues, which can protect against potential violations with continued education and quality management controls.


Attracting new patients ensures the health and survivability of any medical practice. Our marketing and web development partners can ensure that your practice is attracting new patients via targeted marketing and providing your practice with a website that is attractive, informative and assists new patients in accessing services. Social media is today’s single most important marketing resource, and every medical practice must be proactive in recruiting new patients. Appropriately designed and launched websites are the way to reach patients and our team does it better than anyone else. The team consists of marketing managers, designers and analysts who work together to ensure your satisfaction.

Revenue Cycle Management

Affiliated Medical Group employs state of the art technology as well as highly knowledgeable staff to ensure that claims are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our revenue cycle team along with our claim scrubbing software combine to achieve a 98% claim acceptance rate. We understand that rejected claims are more than an annoyance, they represent a tremendous cost to a medical practice and by employing our resources your practice will see a significant cost benefit. Additionally, our revenue cycle management team can alleviate the administrative burden currently placed upon your practice by dealing directly with payors on your behalf and eliminating the need for your medical staff to spend productive billing time chasing administrative solutions. Additionally, we will work with your team to ensure that billing opportunities are maximized while ensuring compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

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