The Importance of Mental Health Treatment for Military Families


Facing the Challenges of Military Life

Although no two military experiences are the same, military personnel, veterans, and their families tend to face a lot of the same challenges – from physical separation from loved ones to difficulty readjusting to civilian life and much more!

Military deployments and the other stresses of military life often cause active service members, veterans, and family members to develop challenging mental health conditions, like PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other long-term conditions. 

But, in all of this, it is important for military families to remember that they are NOT alone!

Military families can find consolation and healing alongside the wide array of other military families experiencing the very same difficulties and take advantage of invaluable mental health resources that exist to help them with their unique struggles.

Why Mental Health Matters

A critical component of a person’s overall health, mental health deserves – and requires – the same amount of attention and care that we often give our physical health and wellbeing. 

Mental health impacts practically every area of our lives…our thoughts, actions, responses, motivation, relationships…you name it! 

In fact, unaddressed mental health conditions can have a significant negative impact on a person’s physical health, increasing the likelihood of serious conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. 

Not only that, but our mental health affects how we feel and perceive our environment and situation on a daily basis. Poorly cared-for mental health can taint our perspective and dictate how we approach difficult choices, deal with stress and frustrations, and relate to our friends, family, and peers.

Benefits of Specialized Care for Military Families

There are a good number of mental health resources for current and former military personnel through organizations like the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Unfortunately, however, there are not nearly as many quality resources for military spouses and children.

Nevertheless, certain organizations – like Affiliated Medical Group – do, in fact, provide specialized psychiatric behavioral and mental health support and treatment uniquely tailored to the needs and difficulties of military life.

But why is specialized mental health care important for military families? Here are some of the largest benefits. 

  • Reduces anxiety and situational aggravation
  • Equips patients to cope with mental health conditions like PTSD, depression, and more
  • Helps military families come to terms with challenging circumstances
  • Offers a greater sense of peace or comfort
  • Allows military personnel, spouses, and children to process feelings and situations more clearly and productively
  • Improves the quality of relationships – within the family and with peers and friends
  • Boosts motivation, self-esteem, and mood
  • Provides the medication or treatment assistance necessary to address severe mental health conditions

What to Look For in a Military Mental Health Provider

Try to find a provider with extensive experience helping military personnel and families. You’ll want to choose a compassionate, welcoming provider who takes a custom-tailored approach to each patient’s unique challenges and situations. 

If you are looking for a provider who can treat multiple members of the family – from military personal to their spouses and children – you’ll want to make sure the provider has experience treating children, adolescents, AND adults.

And if you already know that you, your spouse, or your child has a particular mental or behavioral health condition, you’ll want to check the provider’s website to see if they’ve listed that condition as one of their specialties.

Affiliated Medical Group - Military Mental & Behavioral Health Provider

Looking for a specialized military mental and behavioral health provider? The providers at Affiliated Medical Group have extensive experience with the challenges faced by military families. With locations across North Carolina and Florida, we provide in-person AND virtual health services for military families across the country.

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